I Need Some Beach Therapy Today After my Power Bill Came

Occasionally life gets a bit too heavy and this is when I head to the coast to look out at the sea to help me remember that none of these things matter in the big scheme of things.

The local corporations which charge us more for goods as well as services are all feeling the crunch too.

All of these cash concerns that seem too big suddenly shrink to almost nothing when I go to the beach and see those waves softly and steadily rolling in. I’ll just get some more hours at the residential heating and A/C supplier to make more cash. Inflation has been around since the start of time and is always going to be a piece of life, so all of us just need to adapt to it. Every one of us will be gone one day and all of this stressing out over things that are not in our control really doesn’t add up to much when you realize you will be separated from all of this in a blink. Today I will clean my heating and A/C unit as well as try to get it tuned up so that I use less power. But the main solution is going to be to run the A/C less in the summer so that my power bills are lower. I recognize this global war going on is also making inflation rise faster than normal, so it is unquestionably going to be just a temporary thing and it will settle down when the war stops. At least my electric heating system is entirely working well as wintertime is coming soon. It’s all good.



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