I Just got an Insanely High Power Bill This week

I know the electric rates went way up recently because my power bill is well over double what it was last year at this time.

I am going to have to really curb my air conditioner usage as I’ve been keeping it pretty cold here lately.

I’ll buy another fan, I suppose, and turn off the heating and air conditioning system. In the winter I will just wear more clothes and keep the heat usage to a minimum because I can’t afford another $650 bill. It’s almost as if I have a second rent payment due each week when the energy bills come in. I know the solution is for me to get another cool flatmate. I have a neighbor now working at the heating and cooling contractor who is looking for a room so I will maybe rent to her. She works early in the day and isn’t home till well into the evening, which is when I am at the beach playing ball, so we both won’t be in each other’s way much in the flat. I know she does heating and air conditioning equipment replacement and repair at the local business, and from what I’ve heard she is really good at the work. Well, it all works out so I’m not worried about any of this cash stuff. Money consistently comes in when I need it so it’s all good. I work selling uncommon heating and air conditioning brands online and I may just try to drum up some more work to help cover the cost of the increase in these utility bills. It’s not as if inflation is something foreign to us all.

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