Looking for a Small Mini Split AC Unit for the Bedroom

I just mentioned my power bill that came in and how high it was.

  • I know I run the AC a lot in the house, especially in the evening for sleeping, and I am going to adapt to the high rates by cooling down only my study room in the evening time.

I’ll do this by getting a new small portable AC device and installing it in my window. I know I can get an absolutely reliable and small device that is ultra high efficiency and cools my room for a fraction of the power that the main device is using. Why cool the whole beach house all evening when you are only using a single small study room? That wasn’t too smart on my behalf, however I haven’t gotten a bill this high, even when I cooled the beach house down in the evening. The rates must have really jumped up this past billing stage and I will just adapt to the increase. I know a small ultra high efficiency device wouldn’t cost much to run in the evening while I sleep. I tried going apart from any AC last evening and I was awake most of the evening from being too hot. My room is small and heats up a lot when I sleep, however the nice thing is that it would also cool down nicely with a little window unit. There is this one mini split AC device that will cool down a small study room such as mine for just $30 a week. So, it looks as if I will go that route and see how it works. It should be enjoyable I’m sure.

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