Just Tried to Sleep however my Mind Wouldn’t Allow It

My mind really loves to keep me awake with incessant thinking about things that make no sense at all.

I was going over the different kinds of ball sports in my mind and how they use the body to move the ball.

That was the important thing of utmost significance that I had to know about while trying to get some much needed rest last night and I know it’ll have to wait again till tonight. I may have to run the AC tonight when I sleep because last evening was fruitless with the heat in my room. The complication I am having is that my power bills are so high when the air conditioner is running that it keeps myself and others awake just thinking about the cash flying out the window. Or maybe it’s flying in the window, however it isn’t staying in my pocket. My heating and air conditioning rep told us to just buy a small portable AC device for a couple hundred bucks and cool the room that way. The only issue is I have a window that slides left and right and there will be an immense gap above the AC device if I try to fit it in there. Maybe the local contractor has a solution that would work with my kind of window. There must be an answer. I tried closing the vents in the other rooms in the evening, however my power bill is still really high. I know I should have gotten the zoned cooling and heating when I had the chance. The solution will find me and all will work out, so I’m not too worried.

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