Some AC filters are terrible about restricting airflow

My doctor diagnosed me with asthma after I had a reaction during cleaning the attic one afternoon.

  • He went through my history after listening to my lungs and decided that asthma would account for all of the symptoms I had been experiencing on and off over the years.

Originally he told me to use this inhaler whenever I experienced issues, but then he prescribed me nasal spray as well to help clear my sinuses. It helps if I’m ever having issues with my sinuses along with my respiratory system. I am happy to say that I only suffered from poor asthma symptoms a handful of times throughout my childhood, but things began to worsen in my 20s. I was quickly struggling to catch my breath during long shopping trips in the mall or after going up a flight or two of stairs. It’s hard nowadays to exist in a building with poor indoor air quality because of the immense effect it has on my ability to breathe normally. I am coughing just to catch my breath. That’s why I started using the strong air conditioner filters that are supposed to catch everything from dust to viral particles. Unfortunately, some of these air conditioner filters are so dense that they restrict air flow. Air flow restriction puts wear and tear on your air conditioner’s fan motor, along with raising your energy bills as the machine needs more of it to produce the same cooling effect. You have to be careful that your special allergen filter isn’t bad about restricting air flow in your HVAC system or you could end up with an entirely different problem on your hands.


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