I want to experience good HVAC if I'm going to travel

When it became unbelievably expensive to travel both locally and around the country, I decided that I wouldn’t spend the money unless the trip made it worth the expense. That means comfortable travel, luxurious accommodations, and ultimate relaxation. If it means roughing it in a tent on land in a state park, there’s no sense in leaving the state because I can do that in any number of different similar locations in the immediate area. I did that a lot in college and quickly became sick of the entire experience. It’s one thing to do it when you’re trying to travel across another continent cheaply and without running out of cash before you’re due to fly back home. But now I want to enjoy the vacations more on a physical level since I’ve been to a lot of these locations before. I go skiing in the mountains, relaxing on a beach towel in the tropics, or trekking through a tall pine forest after a few hours in front of a cozy fireplace. If I’m going to venture out into the greater world, there’s no reason I can’t do it in comfort. A large part of that is having access to good indoor heating and cooling. A fireplace is great for winter holidays, but an air conditioner is equally important if I’m in a beach villa and I need to cool off after a few hours in the sun. I look for accommodations that have good reviews of HVAC systems or other forms of indoor heating and cooling. My wife is always thankful because she is equally frustrated by staying in hotels with poor air conditioners or furnaces inside.



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