Growing plants indoors is hard without proper ventilation

One of my earliest memories from early childhood was helping my mother in our vegetable garden in the backyard.

  • I planted zucchini seeds and watched with bewildered amazement as they began to sprout two weeks later.

We eventually widened the garden and added watermelons, pumpkins, and a flower patch. I loved learning all about agriculture and gardening while experiencing the fruits of our labor when it was time to harvest in the autumn. My mom told me to keep my expectations tempered when we started the project, but I was already excited by the result when we had our first batch of watermelons. They were really sweet and delicious! These days I don’t live in an environment that is hospitable to plants, so I had to make a greenhouse for my backyard to protect my plants from the intense UV rays. Unfortunately, this greenhouse can get extremely hot in the summer without good ventilation. I use fans to push air in from outside to keep the temperatures a little cooler inside. It’s not a huge change in the temperature, but at least the air isn’t stagnant inside. I can’t imagine ever going so far as using an air conditioner in my greenhouse because the energy costs would be enormous. But at least with the fans, we have a nice breeze that moves into the greenhouse on one end and it is able to exit on the other end. The plants definitely seem to be growing better with the change in ventilation. Without the fans running, some of my plants were wilting from the sheer amount of heat inside the greenhouse.
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