I wanted to try heated flooring

Ever since I had heard of heated flooring, I always wanted to try it.

The concept sounded so cool, and I was so amazed at how far technology, including HVAC technology, had come.

I never thought of a heating method for using the floor, it really was a great idea. However, we had a great central heating system, and since we didn’t always have a lot of money, there was no way we could spend it on getting something we really didn’t need. So even though I always wanted to try radiant heated flooring, I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to. I actually did get lucky enough to try heated flooring though, when our hotel room had it. When my husband and I stayed briefly at a hotel, we didn’t know of this additional heating method. So imagine my delight when I felt the radiant heated flooring. I was super excited! It was not hard at all for me to get cozy on the floor. I sat cross legged in front of the TV with a hot drink and enjoyed myself. After getting to experience what the heated flooring felt like, I knew it was definitely something I wanted in my future, when we had more money. I was actually quite sad when we had to leave the hotel, the heating system was so luxurious, and I wanted one of my own. But most likely, I will just have to settle for the central heating and air conditioning component.
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