I use my fan as a portable cooling machine

I probably look pretty weird carrying a gigantic fan around with me.

The reason is because it is in the middle of summer, and my air conditioning unit died last night.

There is no way that I could actually go without cooling during the summer heat. Here, it is very common for the temperatures to go into over one hundred. Since I don’t have a portable air conditioner yet, I am using my fan as a cooling machine. I want to buy a portable A/C device in the future, but for now I am using my box fan as a cooling device. I keep the ceiling fans on and my box fan on, and my home stays mostly cool because of it. Even though my home is staying cool, I know that it won’t last for long. As the temperature rises outside, my home is going to keep heating up, and my fans can only do so much. I really need to have my central air conditioning system back to working again. I called a local air conditioning company, and they have me on their list for a scheduled appointment, but since they are so busy right now, the appointment is not for another 2 weeks! I only hope that my fans will continue to hold and cool my home while I wait for the cooling system to be repaired. Eventually I would like to get a portable air conditioner, but I need to wait until I get paid before I can afford something like that.

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