The fantastic new heating at my favorite salon

I am very particular about the type of hair salon and professional I use, and finding a salon with the right professional is challenging. I stuck with it when I saw a salon I liked, and it is near my house. As much as it is near my home, the walk to the salon is sometimes a lot to handle. With the wind and snow hitting my face on my way to the salon, I would get soaked when I arrived. The salon does have a heating unit, but it is less efficient than the heat pump I have in my home. To keep it functioning optimally, I have the heating technician come for heater maintenance at least twice every year and repairs as soon as anything goes wrong. I was visiting my family upstate for Thanksgiving and wanted my hair done, so I went to the salon for a hairdo. When I got there, I immediately noticed the high-quality indoor comfort. They had acquired new heating and had an HVAC professional similar to the one I use. The heat pump installation occurred a few weeks before my appointment. I don’t know more about heating, but I could tell they had improved their whole home heating, which helped with indoor comfort. My hairdresser said they got the unit from a heating dealer downtown and had a discount, so they also bought a smart thermostat. She told me how vast the heating industry was and that the heating companies were all competing to sell as many customers tend to replace their systems during winter. The heating business seems to be very lucrative around this season. I enjoyed the indoor comfort in the salon that day more than I enjoyed getting my hair fixed.


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