If I was trapped on an island

I’m really thinking hard on this one

I love scenario based questions. My daughter brought me this question because we love to laugh and think of things. What would I want if I was trapped on an island for the rest of my life? I get 5 things to choose from. If a shipwrecked on it do I get to those things as well? The sunshine would be beautiful but is that one of my 5 things? So many questions and so many things I would want. I can say much more than 5 for sure. I told my daughter she would be one of them so I have 4 more things. A robot to make our food and do all the work. If I’m going to be on an island I really want to enjoy that life. I have to prepare for hot and cold days and nights as well. Weirdly I say a portable space heater. I can cool off in the water at any time so I don’t want to waste one of my last 2 things. What if that space heater breaks and have no one to fix it? What about electricity?!?!?!? My last 2 things I say to my daughter is some sort of electricity so I can use the space heater and a HVAC specialist. I guess there will be someone else with us now. I take that back, the robot can fix the portable space heater if it breaks. The robot will be our heating specialist. So I still have one thing left. I’m really thinking hard on this one. I guess the last thing would be our cat because he is family.

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