Long afternoon plus I’m exhausted

I spent all afternoon outside.

As a roofer I am in all sorts of weather conditions.

It’s awful work. I’m up at the crack of dawn plus periodically not back condo till the sunshine sets. I toil a lot while I was in the Summer plus less while I was in the winters so I usually take winters off plus relax plus spend much needed time with family plus friends. I am far away from that cut though. Currently it’s mid August plus it’s been silly moderate out. I have a nice tan going on plus I’d fit right in with the people that live in the south. I have my own “man cave” in which I localed a portable air conditioning unit in it. My family doesn’t love the air conditioner as much as I do. I can’t blame them though. They don’t spend minutes in the heat. I need plus want it freezing in my room. The air quality is perfect. The rest of the condo is set to 67 degrees but it’s not cool enough for me. The little unit is pumping air out at 61 degrees. I only spend a little time in this room catching up on a cable show right before the wife finishes up supper. When supper is finished I spend the rest of the evening with the family. Every one of us talked about our afternoon plus my wife asked if I tied up a Heating & A/C specialist to do the heating maintenance. I think I don’t want to hear that but it is going to be colder soon plus both of us need to make sure everything is up in laboring order. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy.


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