I met my kindergarten teacher when I was performing HVAC tune-up

Working in the HVAC industry was always fun for me because I got to meet so many people and at the same time learn from my peers and seniors. I have interacted with numerous HVAC systems and know-how most of them work by heart. On this visit to the suburbs to perform routine maintenance on a system, I had no idea that I was going to my kindergarten teacher’s residence. Once he introduced himself I knew who he was. He had complained that his boiler did not help with indoor comfort and since he did not know more about heating than any of the other homeowners, he opted to contact a HVAC repairman. We set out to perform the HVAC tune-up which entailed checking on the heat and AC products such as the furnace filter. We also checked the temperature control and confirmed it was perfectly functioning. As we were working on the electric heat pump, my ex-teacher and I chatted up and he was super proud of who I had become. The heat pump service on the heater lasted for approximately 3 hours since we were very efficient at our jobs. The heating dealer supplied new parts for the hydronic heating unit which greatly improved the functions. Mr. Pan, my ex kindergarten teacher confirmed that with the maintenance services, he had noticed that the boiler repairs had become fewer which was good news to him since he was a germaphobe who hated having strangers in his house. I was glad to have met him as he was always my favorite teacher and to think he was proud of me, was just out of this world. I had an amazing time at his house.


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