Helpful technician helped my kitchen get cooler

I was working in the kitchen the other day, and I realized just how hot it got in there. Until recently, I had never realized that the a/c didn’t reach the kitchen. It’s amazing the things I was realizing about my house, now that I was in it so much. Thanks to the pandemic, I was listening to the different noises that come from the Heating and Air Conditioning system. I was able to recognize where the a/c did and did not make a difference. I was also finding the areas that were warmer than others. I knew the only thing I could do was to install zone control, but even that didn’t work. It helped with the heating, but not the a/c. I asked the Heating and Air Conditioning professional if it was possible to add another small a/c system just for the kitchen only. He said it would be possible, but it would easily be best if I just got a window a/c unit. He said it would be cheaper to do it that way plus it would also be more efficient. I thought about what he said and I started looking for a window a/c unit, but I couldn’t find a single one that would fit. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning tech and told him that my dilemma was the fit. He assured me that they had portable a/c units plus window a/c units that would fit in my kitchen. He even came to the house to show me the different types of window and portable a/c units they had in stock. This was very helpful. My kitchen is now cool and comfortable to work and cook in.
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