Roughing It out

The air conditioning makes the largest difference

My Grandparents live in a unquestionably poor country. They live unquestionably self-explanatory lives. I visit them once a year plus spend a month with them. I am typically amazed at how they live this way. For example, their electricity goes out a few times a afternoon. They have to run downstairs to turn on the generator when this happens. There are multiple things in their property that cannot labor when the generator is powering the house. My great friend and I can’t use the microwave or hair dryer with the generator, however my buddy and I can use it with regular electricity. This has to do with the voltage of these items plus how much energy they need to function. The generator can’t support them. My great friend and I also cannot use the air conditioning unit when the generator is powering the house. This is actually hard for me to adjust to because they live in a unquestionably hot plus humid climate. I am always hot during my stay with them. Some evenings, my buddy and I get actually lucky plus the electricity stays on for the entire evening. On those evenings, my buddy and I sleep comfortably with the air conditioning blowing on us. If the electricity goes out while we’re asleep, my buddy and I wake up from the sweat plus discomfort. It’s happened multiple times. They have fans throughout the house, however they aren’t nearly strong enough. The air conditioning makes the largest difference. Regardless of this, I continue to visit once a year for a few weeks at a time. Nothing will stop me from spending time with my Grandparents as often as possible.


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