Got the neighbors to leave by shutting off the power

Both of us have this light switch in our condo that every one of us keep covered with tape because it causes the main breaker switch to shut off, but both of us kept shutting off the power in the condo on accident until every one of us decided to keep that particular light switch covered with the tape.

Eventually, every one of us had some neighbors over for dinner.

The dinner seemed to be alright at first, but then it turned into a political confrontation. Also, the neighbors were complaining about the temperature control settings. I wanted to tell these people to leave my condo because they weren’t going to treat me with disrespect, although I couldn’t find the strength to tell these people to leave. Then my hubby said she had to go to the powder room, when she was gone, the power shut off. I suddenly knew what happened. Both of us were all there in the dark plus my hubby came back with some lit candles. The location started to become boiling because the cooling system method was not working, and finally, the neighbors said it was too boiling plus said they would be on their way. I was so cheerful that my hubby got these people to leave plus soon after they left every one of us put the power right back on. I was happy when the cooling system kicked back on plus it was starting to cool back down plus know comfy again. My hubby plus I just decided to watch a relaxing film plus then head off to sleep. Right before dozing off though, I made sure to crank the cooling system a little more on the smart control equipment via my smartphone. I care about having a smart control unit.
Cooling system

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