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My child came to my apartment from school Last year & asked if she could have a sleepover.

  • I knew I had to toil at the office all weekend, & I had to make sure our partner didn’t have any plans.

When I talked to him, my man told me he would take care of the women. He even would set out the sleeping bags in the basement. There was a playroom & an entertainment center located in the basement. Once the women got settled in, she really wouldn’t have to worry about them. I told him they would need to have popcorn & maybe some delicious sweets, but he was still okay. I thought he was going to go shopping quickly, since I left him a list, but didn’t. I went to toil & distraught the entire time. When I got to my apartment the next afternoon, there were food containers all over the entire family room & our partner laid on the sofa. The women huddled on the floor, watching The Little Mermaid for hours, & shushing me while pointing to our partner. My child said she had passed out immediately after the second round of karaoke. She had ordered desserts online at the Grub Hub site that night. She had also ordered fast food delivery & many other local food delivery services. I was nervous to look around at first. Other than all the local food delivery services taking all our extra cash, it looked to me as if the party was a success, & dad even earned a high status with her daughter.


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