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Every week, the people I was with and I have this routine card party at our house. All the women in the card club come over for lunch & to relax for a long while. We throw cash into the pot to pay for lunch & after that I have a long discussion in general over what the people I was with and I are going to order. Last week, it took over an hour and a half to decide what the people I was with and I wanted. I wanted to order fresh salads online, since I was on a diet. Katherine wanted to order from the nearest local food delivery service since she wanted fast food. Sue wanted to order chicken from the local food delivery service. By the time the people I was with and I made all our personal , the people I was with and I ended up ordering salads online. One had a tuna salad sandwich, & another had her fried chicken on the salad. While waiting for the food delivery service, the beautiful people I was with and I relaxed & finally got to play some pinochle. We were all laughing really hard when the doorbell rang. Instead of ten different drivers, there were only 3 delivery persons. They were all from local food delivery service, apparently, since the people I was with and I couldn’t order salads online from exactly the same diner. They didn’t all have the same salads on their menu. Unfortunately, the people I was with and I didn’t get to complete the game in the end. We care about our time together, & thanks to food delivery services, we have a lot of laughter.
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