Security system in both houses

My wife and I own many houses, plus all of us divide our time between them.

All of us often spend the months from May to October in the north and the rest of the year down south.

Our goal is to enjoy the best weather in each spot. All of us hope to avoid the snow and temperatures in the negatives. My wife and I also avoid the excessive summer heat and humidity in the south. While her and I really love the many homes, there are some challenges. Leaving a house empty for a few months is a bit stressful. All of us worry about pipes getting cold and bursting, storm wreckage, fire and home invasion. After returning to the 1 new home plus finding a busted window from a fallen branch with no plan of how long our living room had been exposed to the elements, we decided to be more proactive. I did some research plus had a security idea installed into both homes. My wife and I now have glass sensors that automatically alert us if a window gets disfigured or open. There are alarms on all of the doors so that we’re notified if anyone goes in or out, but surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations allow us to watch real time video. It doesn’t matter where we are, we can always access the security idea through an app on our phone or tablet. It gives us peace of mind. All of us no longer arrive from the airport plus wonder what disaster all of us might find. All of us can even adjust the control unit plus lighting so that the house is ready for arrival.

Lighting Control System

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