Security in small towns is necessary too

There are sensors on the windows and doors that set off an alarm if they are opened.

My wife and I rode the bus to pre-school together. We grew up in a very little neighborhood where most of the families are cow, grape plus tomato farmers. My wife and I were never worried about crime. People left their keys in their trucks plus their houses unlocked. Even as kids, we felt safe walking to the store or to a friend’s house, however sadly, times have changed for the worse. While our small neighborhood is still a nice arena to live, recent years have seen an increase in crime, break-ins plus theft. My own house was busted into while I was in the middle of the day. They stole the tv, jewelry plus money plus caused some damage. The loss of property was frustrating but the expertise of someone entering our private living section was severely unsettling. I no longer felt comfortable in the house. I was fearful whenever I came home alone. I had trouble sleeping at night. My wife plus I finally decided to invest into a new home security system. The wireless idea was installed very quickly. All of us now have surveillance cameras plus motion activated lights on the exterior of the house. If someone enters the property, all of us get a notification plus can watch real time video footage. There are sensors on the windows and doors that set off an alarm if they are opened. There is no way for anyone to get into the house without us realizing it. If the official code isn’t entered instantly, the official authorities are dispatched. Having the security idea gives me peace of mind. I believe that having the sign of the security monitoring supplier in our front yard is the biggest deterrent against a break-in.


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