Making sure my law office stays nice and clean with cleaning company

My law office is slowly growing now that the pandemic is winding down.

We have returned to working in person with media air cleaners stationed in every room to break down airborne respiratory droplets.

Since I am requiring my employees to get vaccinated, I’m confident that we can safely reopen without running the risk of all the people getting infected and sick from the virus. However, there is additional cleaning that must be done everyday to keep the virus environment as sanitary as possible. I considered hiring an employee to do these jobs, but I realized it would be cheaper to simply find a cleaning supplier that does office cleaning after hours. This is how my old boss used to handle the cleaning at her various offices around the city. Her commercial cleaning crew would arrive around 9pm to scrub the inside of her businesses. I decided to call a bunch of different corporation cleaning companies to find a superb fit for late night office cleaning. There are a few companies in my town that have high reviews, however only one that I could verify with certifications for commercial cleaning work. I’m happy thus far with their performance. Although they use heavy duty cleaning products that leave behind residual chemicals that you can smell the next morning. This results in a ridiculously clean office environment. I can confidently know that every surface was cleaned and disinfected with serious precision and skill. It’s worth every penny especially while in a pandemic where your work environment must stay disinfected to prevent viral transmission from one employee to another.


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