Internet marketing for my dispensary

When the pandemic was in full force, I was stuck inside my tiny little apartment for an entire month.

I have no family and no roommate here, so I was all alone.

Thank goodness for the internet, and my Zoom role playing sessions with my old high school pals. That alone kept me sane… well, that and smoking copious amounts of cannabis. I was lucky that my local dispensary offered a delivery service. Not only did I take advantage of this service, but I used my skill in digital marketing and SEO to work out a great deal for myself. I talked to the manager and asked if they were working with any internet marketing companies, or using SEO services at all. He said that they were not, and due to the pandemic cutting into their profits they couldn’t do any internet marketing for a while. I pitched the idea of letting me run a social media management campaign for a week, using a special QR code. For the first week I wouldn’t take a percentage of the business I brought in, I was just doing this on spec to show my social media management skills. But after that, I would get a little piece of all the new business I brought in through internet marketing and using social media. Long story short my social media management campaign went over well, and the dispensary had the best week of business since the start of COVID. Now I work regularly for them, and trade my internet marketing skills not for cash, but for weed.



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