Where to find quality furniture for cheap

I understand why so many people buy furniture at places like Walmart, I really do.

  • These things can get very expensive, and some of the high end stores have price tags that are downright frightening.

When you go to Walmart you get an inferior product, but the cost is so much lower that for many people it is the only option. I am here to say that by spending wisely, you can get truly exceptional pieces for the same amount of money you would spend at Walmart. It takes patience to find great wood furniture, but it’s possible, and here is how you do it… First of all, think in terms of wood furniture, because that is sturdy, lasts forever, and is easy to refinish yourself. When you get into padded chairs or leather couches and sofas, it takes a lot more skilled labor to recover it. Simple, old wooden tables and chairs are the way to go, because all you need to have is a sander. A sander costs about 30 or 40 bucks, and you can use it to take years of wear and tear off of most wood furniture. Once the wooden table or chairs have been sanded down, you can stain them, paint them, or do whatever you like! With wood furniture you have a lot of options you can do around the house. With that in mind, check out local flea markets, swap meets, and garage sales to find old wood furniture people are just trying to get rid of. You will be so glad you did!

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