Quickly need to get in shape

My fiance and I are scheduled to get married a lot sooner than expected.

The venue of my dreams was not available until a year from now.

I was disappointed, but booked it and figured I had that long to get in shape. I started eating a little better and working out around 30 minutes a day. I just got a call from the venue that they had a cancellation and can bump my big day up. I am getting married in four months and I don’t feel prepared. I do know that I don’t want to get married with a beer gut. I know how to get in shape, but I don’t know how to lose fat, gain muscle and do it healthy in just under four months. I am now seeking professional help on this matter. I contacted a local health and fitness center and got a personal trainer. Three days a week I do a private physical training session that is all about building and toning muscle. Two days a week I do a group fitness class led by a fitness expert that is all cardio work. One day a week I do nutritional counseling to make sure I am eating right with my work out plan. I am hopeful that taking all of these measures will ensure that I look good on my wedding day. I am not going to be wearing a swimsuit and flashing my belly around. However, I still would like to look slim for all the photographs and not look like I have been eating chips at my desk.

Personal Fitness Programs

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