Needed to kill an hour

My boyfriend and I share a vehicle. There was no reason to own a vehicle since the two of us had the same work schedule. Anytime I needed groceries, he wanted to go to the bank or there was a movie playing, the two of us went together. One car to two people has never been a problem. Recently my boyfriend’s work schedule changed. He got promoted and now has to work an hour later than me. I was debating on purchasing a vehicle so I can go home after work rather than wait around. I then decided to look in the area for something to do and found a fitness center that offers physical training classes. I have never worked with a personal trainer or worked out religiously before. I have found it to be very fun. I look forward to my fitness class and I am in the best shape of my life. Five days a week, after work I do the physical training class. I have noticed my arms look toned, my belly is smaller and I have way more energy. On top of this I am in a good mood after my class and I even sleep better at night. I have started talking to my boyfriend about possibly doing a couples fitness class over the weekend. I really enjoy being physical throughout the week. I never thought killing an hour after work could be so fun. The cost of the class is significantly less than what it would have cost to purchase a car for myself too.


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