I needed something to do

COVID has really ruined everything.

I used to see a musical at the local theatre at least once a month. I always saw a few concerts over the summer, went to the farmer’s market regularly and I also did work happy hour every week. I was a very social person. I like having stuff to do and with the virus still around, there are not many options. I can’t travel, see any shows or go to events with people. I have been hunting for things to do and I have found one thing that is pretty good at helping me be social but safe. I found that the local health and wellness center offers virtual fitness classes. The class is led by a personal trainer and there are 9 other people in the class with me. I can only see the fitness expert, but I can hear the other people while I work out. It is fun that we all chime in and chat while working out. I also like having something on my schedule to do. I started out doing one class, but I like it so much that I do it four days a week. I do two days before work and I do the weekends. I get a different personal trainer and people in class with this method. I am hopeful that the gym will open up and have in person classes soon. I know that the personal trainer would use more equipment if that happened. I also could meet up with people outside of class. For right now, I am just enjoying seeing other people.

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