Making friends through fitness

I have found I am enjoying being physical and having something to do.

I got a promotion at work that requires me to move to a city where I didn’t know anybody. I was nervous but knew I would find a way to make new friends. The city office is always hustling and bustling. It is difficult to find a moment to chat people up, meet for drinks and make friends. I have resorted to finding friends elsewhere. I started thinking about what kind of people I wanted to be buddies with. I didn’t want to have friends that hung out at bars all week long. I didn’t want to weirdly make friends with a waiter or stalk a guy at the grocery store. I found that doing a group fitness class was the best option. I signed up for a gym membership and took as many classes as I could fit in my schedule. I do a yoga class, physical training class and a kickboxing class. I have met quite a few guys my age in the kickboxing and physical training class. I feel I am close to calling a few of them my friends. The yoga class is mainly women and I have a girl that I am slowly chatting up and hoping to take out on a date. The social aspect of the fitness classes is why I originally went. I have found I am enjoying being physical and having something to do. It is a nice little pick me up after work. I have more energy afterwards and sleep like a baby at night. The cost of the class is minimal for what I get out of it.

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