Working out on the beach is not possible

I wouldn’t want to fit work out equipment in my small beach house

My boyfriend and I recently bought a beach house. I love hearing the ocean waves while I sleep, drink my coffee and work. It is so relaxing. I love being right near the water, sand and all the cute little shops. I had grand plans of working out on the beach. I thought I would go for runs in the sand and do all sorts of cardio drills right by the condo. The incline of the sand is so severe that it hurts my ankles, knees and feet. The wet sand also is very abrasive. My feet tend to tear and skin gets really dry. Working out on the beach turned out to not be possible. Thankfully I found a personal training center that is biking distance from my beach condo. I hop on my bicycle and it takes me less than ten minutes to get to the body wellness center. I can get one on one personal training, take a group fitness class or do my own thing. The gym has locker rooms I can shower up and keep some stuff at. I also can swim in the pool, use the steam rooms or the sauna as well. After a good work out, I do the quick bike ride back and I am at my little beach oasis. It honestly works out better that way too. I wouldn’t want to fit work out equipment in my small beach house. I also would worry about the salt and humidity rusting all my equipment as well. Having a gym membership makes it easier.

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