I’m looking for a digital color label printer that can handle waterproof printing

I work for 1 of the greatest aquariums in the state.

When I first visited it with my family in my youth, I knew that someday I wanted to be emplotted by this attractive locale.

In private school I started an internship in the office with the staff, plus now I’m 1 of many administrative assistants in the main office at the aquarium. I handle everything from scheduling appointments, filing paperwork, plus creating fliers for both staff plus guests. Since it’s an aquarium plus all of us have water everywhere, there has been a tendency for fliers to disintegrate within a few days of putting them on walls throughout the facility. After a bit of frustration, I came across a website discussing peculiar kinds of printers, including some that can print on waterproof paper. I told my boss that all of us needed a digital color label printer that can handle waterproof printing. Both of us have been wasting paper plus ink on reprinting new signs every month to substitute the 1s that get waterlogged plus fall apart in small pieces. When I managed to find an affordable digital color printer that can print on waterproof paper, I showed it to my boss on his computer. He reluctantly agreed to buy the new printer. Now I’m printing labels plus signs once because they’re all lasting for as long as all of us need to keep them up. They stay perfectly preserved until there is no use for them any longer. The amount of money all of us have saved in printer ink has more than paid for the waterproof printer at this point. I know that my boss is ecstatic that the investment paid off in the long run. I’m just ecstatic that my task is easier now with the new printer.

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