Custom tool holder as well as labor bench

My husband built himself a shed in your backyard as well as didn’t believe about the layout at all. The ceilings are a odd size as well as so is the actual length as well as width of the shed, however due to this, getting wracks to hold his tools on is difficult, however he doesn’t want to mount a pegboard as well as call it a afternoon either. My husband also wants a workbench however none of the ones gave online are the right size! For his anniversary I am going to have a custom furniture builder help out, then i already have talked to the guy about a storage component for tools. The guy I have been chatting with is amazing. He has so many ideas on how the unusual power tools, batteries as well as charging ports can fit together. He also has plans for magnetic strips to put small handheld tools as well as loops to hold tapes as well as extension cords, then basically I just send the guy pictures of what our husband has as well as he swings the design to fit the tools. I believe the tool holding the furniture piece is going to be a showpiece. I am gleeful for the labor bench too. I just gave the guy the odd shed sizing as well as our husband’s height. The guy is going to make him a wooden labor bench that can fold up so he has more space. I haven’t told our husband yet that these pieces are coming. I am so excited. It is all I can do not to ruin the surprise though. He is going to appreciate his custom furniture pieces.


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