How much window tinting maintenance is there?

If you have tinted windows on your car, you need to take care of them.

Tinted windows come with a big responsibility.

You need to have the right cleaning products and tools. Wet paper towels will not do the task if you want your window to stay nice. Always remember to use a cleaner that is ammonia-free. It is an abrasive cleaner that can cause added wear to your window tint. It can also lead to discoloration to your window tinting film. The wear on the window tint film can end up damaging them, and this is the last thing you want to do. If you can’t find an ammonia-free cleaner, then stick to a container of sizzling water with plain soap and soft cloth. Mild soap is perfect for cleaning dirty tinted windows. Paper towels are a definite no-no for cleaning tinted windows. The can can cause scratches, and that is why a soft microfiber cloth is ideal for your window tinting films. If you don’t have a soft cloth, maybe you have a squeegee. A sponge can also be a great tool when cleaning your window tinting. These tools are able to prevent unwanted scratches and scuffs. If you are looking for something a bit gentler on your window tinting, after that I have a suggestion. Did you know that with baby soap, distilled water, and several tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, you have a gentle cleanser that will remove the road grime? You simply mix them together in a spray bottle and you have the perfect cleaner for cleaning your tinted windows. Remember to never have your vehicle in direct sunshine when you are cleaning your tinted windows. The sun will cause the cleaner to dry too swiftly.


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