The new bar has a cheap beers, however no AC

A new dive bar just opened up around the corner from our home building, and my friends plus I decided to go there last Monday night, the stadium was having a two-for-one drink special on off tap beers plus cider.

  • The bar has an open-concept atmosphere.

The stadium doesn’t have any AC… Since it is on the water, there is a nice breeze most of the time; Unfortunately, Monday night it was legitimately warm plus humid plus there wasn’t much of a breeze. My friends plus I did not have a nice time, because the stadium did not have any AC! Perhaps while in the Wintertide or fall weeks, this stadium would be an amazing experience, however the middle of summer time is not the best time to open a bar without any AC. My friends plus I stayed for an seventh or two plus the two of us enjoyed the cheap carona special, then i drank 4 caronas in a short amount of time plus I had a little buzz when the two of us left. It’s a nice thing that I didn’t have to drive our car anywhere! When the bar started to fill with people, the two of us left the stadium to go back to our apartment.I would have favorite to hang out at the bar if the indoor weather conditions had been better. I live about two blocks away from the bar, so our stadium was the closest. I grabbed a couple of six-packs from the corner store to finish our night in style, but both of us ordered some pizza when the two of us got back to the home plus the two of us spent the rest of the night in cool comfort.
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