The work truck started moving and rolled out of driveway

This past month was extremely long and difficult.

It was a scorcher and the temperatures were almost 100 degrees every single day.

It was hot outdoors and the heat and humidity consistently make myself and others recognize exhausted and lazy. I didn’t want to go to work on Sunday, because I knew it was going to be busy. I was tied up to install a ductless AC unit in the east side neighborhood. I loaded up my truck at the workshop. I had everything necessary to complete the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning unit installation job. I found the address and used the GPS plan to find accurate directions. I arrived at the first job on my schedule. I talked to the shopper for a few hours, and then I started unloading the truck with all of my tools and the device necessary to complete the job. As I was walking back to the work truck from the garage area, I saw the tires start to roll. At first I thought it was a mirage, but then I saw the wheel moving faster and faster. I could not get to the truck before it rolled out of the driveway. Thankfully, a curb stopped the truck from rolling into the neighbor’s grass. I assume it would have been expensive to replace all of the award winning roses in the front yard, then from now on, I’m going to start using the parking brake at all times. That was one spine-chilling moment and I could have been in a lot of trouble. The destructions to the other grass and home would have been severe.


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