Take it from an expert.

I am not an expert of anything except telling people what they shouldn’t do.

They say that the two of us learn by experience plus I have that experience.

I have done more dumb things than anyone else I know. With being a lecturer of what not to do, I am entirely the Einstein of the subject. I tried to repair a window a/c once. I had all the pieces laid out on the study room floor. I washed every piece plus laid them in a row. Unfortunately, when it came time to put the parts back into the a/c unit, I did not know what piece went first. That was when the two of us decided it was time to purchase a central a/c unit. All of us once had a space heating system that hissed every once in a while. I knew it was the sound of fuel leaking out of the nozzle. I had soldered numerous things, plus I didn’t think it would be a large deal to put a bead of solder on the nozzle. I would not even be touching the flame to the nozzle. I would heat the solder plus drop a bit on the nozzle. Instead of repairing the space heater, I had to go out plus buy a up-to-date a single. The up-to-date space heating system had every safety feature possible so I couldn’t touch the insides of it. My spouse trusts me to not touch anything. She said he trusts me with his life, although he also knew he could trust me to cut anything I try to fix. I’m not allowed to touch anything that has to do with Heating plus A/C or electric, or plumbing, or …



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