Speaking of A/C repairs!

My sibling came to visit last week.

She had her four-year-old granddaughter with her.

Both of us sat in the bedroom drinking coffee, while Sabrina was playing with the more than two-year-old little boy I babysit for. Sabrina came into the bedroom plus asked why she was dripping with sweat? I told her it was because she was playing plus the two of us were just sitting still. She went back into the residing room plus came back out more than one minutes later. She told myself and others that Ethan was dripping with sweat plus all he was doing was rolling the ball plus she had to chase it. I told her that little boys sweat a lot. My sibling asked if I had a problem with the air conditioner. My husband told myself and others the Heating plus A/C tech had been at the home plus done labor on the air conditioner unit, the day I went to town. I didn’t ask him if there had to be any repairs made, plus he said nothing about it. They were there until Ethan’s mom showed up to take him home. Sabrina was also ready to leave when her playmate was gone. My husband got loft a couple minutes later, plus he mentioned he thought it was kind of moderate in the house. I turned to look at him plus I said to him about the air conditioner component plus what the Heating plus A/C tech had said. He said he had told myself and others the two of us needed some repairs done. I argued with him about the repairs,, plus he said he distinctly remembered telling myself and others when he got loft from work. He hadn’t been to labor since before the Heating plus A/C tech had been there.
a/c tune up

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