My failed attempt at heating repair

When my furnace went out, I did what I always do and turned to YouTube. The man in the video made it seem simple enough, remove a couple bolts and screws, take out the defective part and then screw in the new piece. Boy was I wrong. The next thing I knew, I had all my tools out all over my garage, I had taken three days off of work to attempt to fix the problem, I had spent hundreds of dollars on new parts which weren’t fixing the problem, all the while my family was living in a freezing cold house. I was tired and frustrated, and I didn’t want my family to be in discomfort any longer. After days of being without a furnace, I decided to contact a local HVAC business to schedule a service appointment. It only took moments to assess my situation, and sent an HVAC technician in their next available time slot. The expert who came to my home was able to repair my furnace, and had the heater in my home working like brand new in a short amount of time. The HVAC professional also inspected my existing heater installation, to ensure that the problem would not persist, and that I wouldn’t have to pay more money for future furnace service. He even took a look at my air conditioning system to make sure everything was working properly. Now that I understand the complexities of the heating and air conditioning system in my home, I will not hesitate to call a professional HVAC provider in the event that I need repairs or installation, I value the comfort of my family and my time too highly to make that mistake again.



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