When Air Conditioning saved my job

I took some clients to have dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant downtown.

I had a big proposal in mind, but I didn’t want to talk business until everyone had eaten and no one had an empty stomach. It is a known fact that restaurants like to keep the air conditioner extra cold, as it is a good way to ensure that your guests don’t linger for too long at a table, however, this restaurant felt like quite the opposite, perhaps they even had the furnace running. I asked the manager if he could do something about the temperature, as I was beginning to sweat, and started to feel anxious about giving my presentation in a sweaty shirt, which was making me sweat even more. The manager disappeared for several minutes and came back only to tell me that the restaurant’s HVAC system was having problems, and that a technician was currently working to repair the problem. Once the meal was served, I began to think that I couldn’t handle the discomfort and that I would have to give my presentation at another time, when suddenly, I felt the miraculous gust of cool air wisp across my face, and I realized that the air conditioner was back in full service. I immediately began to feel more comfortable, and was able to eat my meal without worrying about sweating through my proposal. Had we arrived before the HVAC technician, I would not have been comfortable enough to give my most confident presentation, and could have possibly lost the client.
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