Why I purchased heated floors for my home

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and being violently woken by the chill of the floor touching your feet.

This jarring experience is a thing of the past thanks to the floor-heating system I just installed in my home.

The system works by uniformly heating the floor, which leads to a more comfortable ambient temperature in the room. Now, the tile floors in my bathroom remain a constant temperature whenever the system is activated, eliminating draft and uneven temperatures throughout my home. Our heated floors help to maintain a constant temperature in our home, it is a more energy-efficient way of heating, which helps to cut the cost of our heating bill every winter. Since floor-heating systems radiate heat directly instead of circulating air, they do not disturb dust or other allergens that can be disruptive to the comfort in my home, unlike the typical forced-air HVAC systems usually installed in homes.The installation was quick, and there is no noticeable aesthetic difference to my floors. My local HVAC business was able to send out a technician to assess my situation and give me a quote in no time. The level of comfort I experience in my home with heated floors is unmatched by any other experience, I cannot imagine ever stepping onto a cold bathroom floor ever again. Since the installation of my heated floors, I have not had problems with my HVAC system, as the even heating of the floors helps to reduce strain on my furnace, meaning I don’t need to service it as often as I used to.



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