Keeping it warm for Grandma

My grandmother is an important part of my family. Especially in her old age, it is important for my family to include her in all of our major life events; birthdays, graduations, baby showers, you name it, we like to make sure the matriarch of our family is celebrating with us while she still has time with us.Since she is much older, we like to make sure she is as comfortable as can be, always keeping a comfortable chair for her to sit in, keeping her favorite snacks around, and anything else we can do to make her stay more enjoyable.Grandma has retired to a warm climate in her old age, as she is almost always cold, and since I live in a cooler climate, it is crucial to her comfort that we have a properly working heater. Last time she came to visit, we didn’t notice that our furnace needed repair until it was too late. My Grandmother wasn’t able to relax in our house for my sister-in-law’s birthday party. Her arthritis was bothering her, and she had shivers. We had to book a hotel for her to stay in that night so she could sleep comfortably, but I also quickly called a local HVAC business to come and fix the problem. The technician came out the next day and looked at my furnace, and was able to solve the problem quickly. Fortunately, my grandmother was able to stay in our guest room that night, and was totally comfortable after our furnace service.

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