I need to have good quality air in my office

My job requires clients to come visit my office every morning, sometimes it’s just for lunches with business associates, and other times it’s for important meetings, it is crucial for my business that my clients are comfortable, my secretary is easily careful to make sure that there are always cold drinks and great food around, she also works hard to find the most comfortable chairs for our meeting spaces, and a couple months ago, we had a group of clients into the office for an substantial meeting, everything was going nice until I realized that it started getting hot in the conference room.

I did my best to quietly ask my secretary to make sure the a/c was working properly, however before too long, I could see that my clients were getting hot and uncomfortable, when the meeting was over, I didn’t think the response that I was expecting, the clients didn’t seem as moved by my proposal as I thought they’d be.

As soon as I got to the office the next morning, I called my commercial Heating and A/C provider, luckily they were able to send a company technician out before lunch time. The company told my office manager that our a/c was low on coolant, and was unable to properly cool the air in my office. The Heating and A/C professional filled the coolant in my system, and had the a/c working like new in no time. I made sure that my office manager scheduled regular service for my commercial Heating and A/C system, to assure that we would never have that problem again! Now I will never be scared that my a/c will be the reason that my clients are uncomfortable in my office.


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