The dentist office never did fix their a/c

Everyone I know hates going to the dentist, however, I unfortunately had to go in to get a cavity filled last year, and I wanted to take care of it before it turned into a root canal, but I showed up to the office and settled in the waiting room, replying to texts, when I noticed that it was feeling extra hot in the building.

I asked the receptionist if she could turn down the air conditioner and she told me it was broken, and they were awaiting HVAC repair, frustrated, I went back to my seat and tried to ignore the heat, shortly after, they called my name and I walked to the back so that the assistant could see me and get me started on my procedure.

I thought I could ignore how hot it was, however I was already so worried just being at the dentist, when I finally got to the chair I realized that I was about to endure the most uncomfortable dentist visit in my life, so I told the dentist that I was sorry, however I could not be treated in this condition. I waited a week and called them back, but when I asked if their air conditioner was fixed, the receptionist told me that it was still broken, and knowing that I needed to handle my dental work ASAP, I called another dentist to schedule an appointment. While on the phone, I made sure to verify that the air conditioner was working in this office, and the person on the phone assured me that they had a working commercial HVAC system. While the filling wasn’t pleasant, I easily had a better experience at the dentist under a powerful air conditioner.

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