It was a passionate rainy evening

It was a rainy afternoon when my boyfriend called to say his power went out at his building! Fortunately, the power was on at my building and I told his to come on over.

I adjusted the temperature control settings to how I knew he liked them.

Then I pulled out the fireplace. It was not a real fireplace of course because it was in an new home building, but it was 1 of those faux fireplaces. I still thought it was passionate with the tunes playing and a couple of bottles of chilled wine. My boyfriend was really cheerful when he showed up and said he wanted to watch old films together. All of us watched a film and laughed while drinking our wine. She really asked if I could turn down the heating proposal a little bit. I guess it was too hot after all, although I suppose it was nice for his at first when he just stepped out of the rain; Now he was dry, cozy, and a little too warm apparently. So I adjusted the temperature control settings and then the room started to suppose just right. It was a genuinely enjoyable evening and perhaps 1 of the most simple and passionate evenings every one of us have ever enjoyed together. One of these afternoons, I plan on asking his to marry me. I suppose he would love for that to happen as well even though every one of us never really talked about it, and eventually I want to live together with his in a nice rural home with a fireplace and a couple of youngsters.

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