Ordering custom made bedroom furniture

Even choosing the hardware was rather overwhelming because of the wide selection.

When I started looking for new furniture for the master bedroom, I wasn’t glad with what I found at the local furniture stores, and everything looked the same plus seemed cheaply made. Most of the pieces were constructed from particle board! I’d been residing with a collection of mismatched, hand-me-down bedroom furniture for nearly fifteen years. I wasn’t willing to settle on appearance, quality or comfort; A little bit of research online led myself and others to a custom furniture shop in our local area. Although I’d never heard of them before, they have a large operation plus build everything from armoires plus eveningstands to home office tables, baby cradles, couches plus chairs. I started by simply wandering through a showroom displaying samples of their work. I was so impressed by the detail plus originality of each piece. I knew I’d come to the right site. I sat down with a design specialist plus explained what I was looking for, he guided myself and others through the entire process. I looked at cherry, maple, oak plus other types of wood plus stains, paint colors plus fabrics for upholstery. Even choosing the hardware was rather overwhelming because of the wide selection. After I’d decided on every aspect of the style of the furniture, the designer came to the loft to take measurements. She wanted to make sure that the pieces would fit nicely into the space, however once everything was confirmed plus I’d made a down payment, the craftsmen built each piece from scratch, however because nothing was mass produced, the job took awhile. I waited nearly several weeks for our furniture.


Fifth avenue style

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