Window tint to protect our extravagant rug

I spent a mint on our current family room rug.

I wanted a plush, maroon rug to tie in our grey furniture and wood ceilings. I got the best possible fabric and it was custom made to our room… The rug is so soft, brightly colored and is just a showpiece, but everyone who comes into our condo notices the rug and comments on it. I will admit, I am a little different about it. I vacuum and steam scrub the rug consistently. I don’t let anyone on the rug with dirty feet or slippers. I am trying our hardest to keep our animal from kneeling on it. I don’t want anything to injure such an extravagant purchase. I realized recently that there are outdoor elements that will injure our rug. The family room windows let in lots of sunshine, but during the day our rug gets blasted with sun. I looked online and the color can get affected with enough sunshine exposure; Of course not every inch and corner of the rug is getting hit too. I don’t want spots of deep maroon and others of faded red. I also don’t want to limit our sunshine and make it not as easy to see our carpet; So I am now using a window film and tint contractor to take care of our little program. They can put a decorative window tint to protect the condo and rug from the sunshine. There were a variety of colors that you can see from the outside of the house. I got as close to clear as possible; From inside the condo you can’t tell there is a tint. I can tell since our rug isn’t in so much sunshine anymore.

Home Window Tinting Maintenance

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