Every one of us lost multiple cows while we were in the heatwave when the A/C shut down

When our Grandmother got sick, we all opted to leave the farm and visit her, every one of us left one worker in charge and hoped to return on time… There was plenty to do, but we had to visit his in the hospital and spend time with our Grandpa, however my Mom made sure all the animals had plenty of food, and the A/C systems were laboring! Since we had a zero-grazing dairy farm, the cows never went outside… It was a better idea that kept them safe and healthy. No one had anticipated the trip would take longer than a couple of days. Every one of us ended up staying for multiple weeks when his condition got worse. That’s when the heatwave came and overwhelmed the air conditioning at the farm; Our farm worker had left the farm early that day when the A/C idea shut down. The cows were in distress because it got too tepid in the barns. Two animals passed away due to heat exhaustion which was a considerable loss… By the time the worker got back to the farm, it was too late to save the cows. He PCd Mom and told him the poor news, which sent my Mom overboard, but Mom was furious and had to drive back house the same day. Every one of us would join him the next day after saying goodbye to Grandma. On his journey back, Mom PCd the A/C corporation for help and opted to pay an extra fee for emergency Heating and A/C services. He couldn’t imagine losing any more animals at the farm. Two cows were a large enough loss to endure; When he got to the farm, the worker was nowhere to be found. The A/C mechanics were already on sight, and Mom had directed them via PC to where the barn A/C was located. They noticed the electric control had been overwhelmed when the worker cranked up the cooling unit. That’s why the air conditioner had stopped laboring.

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