I assume I can do my own heated flooring installation

I never thought I would appreciate remodelling.

  • I never was a handy girl or interested in things appreciate that, however then I got a home of my own and started renovating it.

I started small with just scraping snacks ceilings, painting and sanding wood furniture; Now my skills have widened. I now can gut a room and cement without any assistance. I can put together furniture and even install lights. I am thinking about ripping up my home office carpet, adding brick board, then heated flooring and putting cement over top. I have done some research on the heated flooring installation! Everything I study online made it sound simple. It is just electric heated mats that go on top of the brick board! You can buy the mats from a local hardware store too. I don’t assume I need to hire a HVAC company to do this heating installation job. I suppose I can do it and save some currency. It will be nice since I won’t have to wait around and time my floor remodel around a HVAC business. I really hope to get everything all installed in around two weeks. I already have the up-to-date cement and brick board. I just need to get the mats and tackle that project. I looked up worst case scenarios and the worst is not having a functional heated mat and tiling over top. I will just make sure to test every a single before I seal it narrow away. It will be so cool to have heated flooring in my home office.


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