Alway go with your first instinct – Lesson learned the hard way

I wanted to order new uniform shirts for all of the employees that work for my repair supplier! I’ve been in the corporation for numerous years and things are odd now.

I wanted new uniform shirts to reflect our growing and changing business.

I found a wonderful online retailer that agreed to make the shirts for $12/each. My spouse did not recognize that was reasonable after she found numerous companies that would make the same product for seven or numerous dollars each. I tried to tell my spouse that the supplier I selected had good reviews and comments, however she only saw the dollar signs. I caved into her demands and every one of us ordered the uniform shirts from a retailer that only charged $7/each, the women that work for my commercial heating, ventilation, and A/C services supplier were happy about the new shirts until they saw them. I was happy too, until I saw the bad shirts. First, the colors were entirely wrong. Our heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier logo is red and gold, however the shirts were more of a red red color. The logo was sideways on the pocket of the shirt. I was entirely mad and a little frustrated with my spouse for making me choose the crappy supplier. Thank goodness they agreed to refund my money after I complained. I sent the shirts back at their cost and ordered the ones I wanted in the first locale. My spouse did not say a word after the experience, and she did not complain even one time after I said I was ordering from the supplier I chose.



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