I’m transitioning over to a home gym

I like to be active, but I am a misanthrope, which means I hate other people.

Just in general, I don’t care for human beings.

Being polite, faking smiles, making small talk, all of this stuff really gets to me. I have a couple of close friends, and my dog Checkers, and beyond that I like it best when I am left entirely alone. I was pretty stoked for the COVID lockdown, because now I had a perfect reason to become a total hermit. Now there is no going back for me, I am done with going to stores, or hitting the gym, for good. I can order all the supplies I need online now, and to keep myself in shape I put together a little home gym. Before you even say what everyone else says — yes, I know that a home gym is nothing like a real gym. A mega gym has rooms full of equipment, so you can focus on a different part of the body every day and have any number of workout programs that target the entire body. They have personal trainers there, and coaches on the floor just to shout encouragement and spot for you when needed. A home gym offers none of those things, but it also is safe from COVID, and from muscle bound bullies who say offensive things. With a home gym I will be able to target the parts of the body I want to tone up, and I won’t have any distractions around me. I will miss the sauna and the swimming pool, though.


Steam rooms

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