My workout routine has a soundtrack, does yours?

Do you listen to music when you work out, or do you listen to talk radio or podcasts? I don’t know anyone who works out without using their air pods or ear buds.

It’s the only way to really block out the commotion around you so you can focus on yourself.

I listen to a ton of music, and I actually have made several customized playlists on my Spotify account for this very reason. Depending on the day of the week, and what I am doing that day, I have a specific playlist of music just for that. For example, I always do treadmill and steps at the gym on Fridays after work, so my workout playlist is high energy, up tempo, with a lot of metal music. Wednesdays I usually do weight lifting and strength conditioning at the gym, and I need strong, rhythmic beats to keep motivated. On the weekends I like to take Yoga classes, so I listen to quiet, ambient music so that I can still hear the comments of the yoga instructor. The only time that I turn off my music when at the gym is during my cooling down period, when I like to sit in the sauna before taking a dip in the pool. The intense heat and humidity of the wet sauna (also called a steam room) really gets you to sweat out those toxins and open up your pores. Going from the heat of the sauna and jumping right into the cool water of the pool gives my entire system a jolt, making me feel refreshed.

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