The hotel had a beautiful gas fireplace and an amazing view

We had been best friends since we were little. We moved into their neighborhood when we were three and since then, my best friend and I have been inseparable. Now she works as a forensic analyst for the government and she gets to travel to exotic places. Now she was going to another state for work and had asked me to accompany him. The hotel we were staying at was in the heart of the city. It had a great view of the city’s skyscrapers. The first thing I noticed when I entered the ensuite room was the beautiful fireplace that was made of Italian marble, the luggage attendant had said. To make matters interesting, it was a gas fireplace. I could not help but notice the programmable thermostat that looked like a heating device from the future. As if that was not enough, the bathroom and the towel rods were fitted with heated floors and radiant heating. When we arrived at the hotel, we took a nap then showered, and went to the dining area to have dinner. The hotel had a ductless multi-split unit that split into every floor and every room. This provided a whole home heating effect to all the guests no matter which part of the hotel you were in. I had noticed the HVAC professionals fixing something near the hotel’s entrance. It turns out they were replacing the hybrid heating unit to help with indoor comfort at the staff headquarters. The dual fuel system was old but had provided reliable heating and cooling service to this hotel for years. Though it has seen quite a few HVAC contractors go through it, the unit had served its purpose honorably. I enjoyed the view of every sunset and sunrise.



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